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The Mediation Process

The mediator is a neutral party selected by the parties to help them resolve a dispute. The mediator works with both sides and their lawyers to facilitate productive negotiations. Mediators can be hired prior to, during, or even after the filing of a lawsuit, to help the parties resolve their conflict.

The mediation belongs to the parties. They choose the mediator. With help from the mediator, the parties and their lawyers decide how the mediation will proceed, and what ground rules will apply. At the mediation, the mediator helps the parties and their lawyers better understand each other's interests, and the strengths and weaknesses of their legal claims. In most cases, the mediation results in a settlement of the dispute or avoids litigation altogether. This saves valuable time and money. Perhaps even more importantly, the relationship stays intact, because the dispute has been resolved in a consensual, non-adversarial fashion.

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