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What our clients say...

"Our company was considering a merger with another closely held business. We had a series of productive direct discussions with our potential partner, but eventually our negotiations reached a point where we needed to make a decision about whether we should proceed. Instead of turning the matter over to our lawyers, we spent a productive half-day with Scott Flegal at NegotiationWorks. Scott was able to facilitate our negotiations, and with his help both parties were able to voice and consider each other's interests and concerns. At the end of the session, we understood what we needed to do to make the deal happen. This saved both sides of the transaction a significant amount in legal fees."

Brian J. Renda, President and CEO
Tackle Marketing Group, Inc.

"Our company is a closely held family business that has been in transition since the death of my father two years ago. The relations between me and my siblings were heading down the wrong path, and I was concerned that our personal and professional conflict might get out of control.

Scott put us in a room and kept us there for the better part of two days. His blend of legal knowledge, problem-solving skills and humor were just what we needed. We emerged with our relationships intact and improved, and our business back on course."

Henry M. Spitz, President
Henry Hanger Corporation of America

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